Which Is More Useful Than Vegetarian Or Meat

Meat is good for the brain
ли вегетарианство полезнее

Meat is good for the brain, a study of the view that purely post-food is healthy and vegetarian increases Life expectancy and improves health

The meat is good for the brain.

The view is that purely post-food is healthy, and vegetarianism increases life expectancy and improves health

However, there are a number of nutrients that are contained only in animal products. Four of these nutrients are essential for the development and functioning of the brain. For example, vitamin B12 is contained in fish, dairy products, meat, eggs and shellfish. It is crucial to the construction of proteins and DNA and is a key part of the energy exchange, writing.

Studies have shown that low vitamin B12, especially for older persons, tends to cause age-specific memory problems, as the brain is squeezed by a vitamin deficit. The lack of vitamin D3 is related to the degeneration of the brain with age and may cause Alzheimer ' s disease and general dementia. Liver fish and fish are the best food source of vitamin D3 and beef cookies, eggs and cheese.

The carnosis has protective properties in the brain and protects the organism from oxidation and inflammation. It helps to combat the age of brain changes and prevents cell deaths, which, in turn, can lead to dementia, reduced cognitive abilities and reduced eyesight and hearing. Carnosine is only available from meat. Docosa hexaenic acid is a specific form of omega-3 fat acids that are important for brain development. Preliminary studies have also shown that a diet rich in this acid can protect against Alzheimer's dementia and disease. Contained mainly in fat fish, e.g. Atlantic salmon, tuna and crack.

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