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We all know exactly that "weg" is automatically denominated. But the culture of vegetarianism is not limited to that, there are many rules about not only food but also life styles in general. In addition, this large " mega " group is divided into many subgroups according to their food classification. We'll figure it out! All vegetarians and vegans do not eat meat, fish and seafood extracted by murder (massembine, hunting, industrial catch, fishing, etc.). That's a very important aspect, because a lot of people think vegetarianism is just a meat waiver.

The category of vegetarians is divided into the following subcategories:

Lacto-au-vegetarians eat all the food of animal origin other than the above. There are eggs in their diet (industrial eggs no chickens), dairy products and honey.

The vegetarians are their animal products eating only eggs.

Lacto-vegetarians - Only milk and dairy food from animal food.

Vegans are strict vegetarians who only eat vegetation food, in very few cases honey.

It must also be borne in mind that people who choose such a way of life are often guided not only by nutrition, but also by moral principles. Exactly. animal attitudes

Based on this situation:

Vegetarians don't wear skin and mecha clothes.

Vegans, apart from this, do not wear clothes from the wool, do not go to circus and zoo, and often even protest against people making domestic animals in apartments (this is unnatural conditions for animals).

To date, more than a billion people in the world have renounced their animal products for various reasons: humanity, fashion, desire to keep themselves in shape. If you're just thinking about the decision now becomes a vegetarian, find time to study everything that has to do with it. Because this change will not only be a matter of nutrition, but it will seriously affect your lifestyle.

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