Vegetarians Eat Fish

food culture:
Лиса едят рыбу диких животных

Denial - full or partial - of animal products. Vegetarians may be representatives of different religions and ethical attitudes and people with different food habits.


The strongest vegetarians, the vegans, only eat food of vegetable origin. To get food like milk and eggs, a man exploits animals, thinks vegans. Especially in principle, even in copper, they are given by violence against bees. Their arguments are simple: the wild bee lives up to two years, and the housewife, from the hive, is no more than two months. Some more vegans do not eat mushrooms, which, according to the biological classification, do not belong to the vegetation.

Lactoovegetarians are those who, along with vegetable food, offer themselves milk products and eggs. Such vegetarians explain their menu simply: “We don't eat corpses”. Most of them in Russia and the West.

But not all Vega eat corpses. There are, for example, sandwheterans who can afford fish and half-fishers who eat chicken. The rest of them don't think they are.

The Weshington Welasques Encyclopedia (1847) states that the use of wine and other instigating funds by [vegetarians] is also rejected. There are no such combinations today, and every vegetarian decides what assignments he can make. Moreover, the production of special vegetarian wine has been increasing in recent years.

Vegetarians have different motives. In the eastern religious exercises, such as Hindu, Jinist and some Buddhist, the gastronomical preferences are based on the principle of not inflicting harm on all living. Christianity is also not alien to vegetarianism: in the Orthodox calendar, almost three quarters of the year hold posts of different degrees. In fact, in all traditional cultures, meat was used more modestly than in modern society.

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