Vegetarianism Without Meat

Vegetarianism: Pros and Less
Актриса в метро Немало

What is vegetarianism: lifestyle, diet or fashion? Is that good or bad? How natural for a person to refuse animal products? Vegetarianism has many supporters and opponents, and everyone has the right to his or her point of view. Contrary to a different view, the dispute does not give birth to the truth, but it is always possible to learn a little more useful and interesting things. It's about the pros and cons of vegetarianity.

What is vegetarian and what is it?

The term vegetarianism has two consonant versions of origin: the English word " vegetable " , i.e., vegetus, and the Latin word " vegetus " , which means awake, fresh, alive.

There are different reasons why people choose vegetarianism. Someone follows the command of "don't kill," someone is trying to lose weight, for other vegetarianism is a conscious choice, a way to change themselves and their lives. Vegetarianism, like the reasons that lead to it, is different. Typically different species.

The most harmless is. Lacto-au-vegetarianismwhen meat and seafood and fish cannot be eaten, but all milk products, chicken eggs and honey are allowed. “Lacto” means milk and comes from the Latin word “lac” to milk. Lacto-vegetarians do not eat eggs because they contain a breed, which means murder, which, according to the proponents of this vegetarian species, is nothing better than eating any other living creature.

Vegetarianism is a kind of vegetarian in which eggs and honey can be eaten, but no milk products can be used.

The hardest version of vegetarianism is considered vegetation♪ No message is allowed. According to this system, all animal products are severely restricted - meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, eggs and honey cannot be eaten.

Some vegetarians believe that, apart from food, certain rules of conduct should also be followed. It is not possible to wear clothing and accessories that are made of mechanics and the skin of living creatures, to use products and preparations that include substances of animal origin, such as glycerin and gelatin.

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