Vegetarianism Without Health Harm

How to go to vegetarian

Among the many diverse diet and power systems, the largest number of discussions arise around vegetarianism. There is still no compromise in disputes between supporters and opponents of such a food system. Some studies prove the advantages of vegetarianism, others are his flaws. Let's try to figure out the nuances of this mode of nutrition, how literate and painless for the organisms to vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism is a special nutritional system that provides for a complete or partial phase-out of animal feeding.

The word " vegetarianism " was inserted by the English, who were able to see the enormous benefits of vegetation, staying in India and monitoring the process. In 1842, the British Vegetarian Society introduced the concept of the harmoniously developed identity of Homo Vegetus. The original word " vegetarian " was philosophical, and a little later his true nature was defined as a commitment to plant diet.

Many were of the view that the term was rooted in Latin and in translation meant " strong " , " hard " , " filled with force " .

Vegetarianism is considered not just certain rules of nutrition, but also a special attitude to life. The people who follow him always condemn the killing of animals and feel their connection to the surrounding world. Vegetarian Buddhists even try not to kill harmful insects, believing that such negative actions would have a bad impact on the killer's carmas. Vegetable culture teaches life in harmony with nature and calls for only vegetation. The ancient Egyptians didn't eat animal meat, believing it would damage their ability to predict the future. First Christians, ancient Greeks were vegetarians, too.

The sacred books of many ethnic groups indicate a preference for vegetable food. There's such instructions in the Bible and the Koran. Their essence is that we do not “burrow” in our stomachs.

One of the main requirements of vegetarianism is not to use animal food. But there are vegetarians who differently determine a set of undeclared diet products.

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