Vegetarianism Reduces The Risk Of Cancer


Vegetarian diet: How do you reduce the risk of cancer and get the most important?

The rightly planned vegetarian diet can come to people of any age. Moreover, if certain rules are met, the denial of meat will not harm even pregnant and nursing women.

The basic principle of " healthy vegetarianism " is the sound planning of a diet that allows the organism to obtain all the necessary useful substances. Where do these substances come from? Let's figure it out together.

When people say they're vegetarians, they mostly mean they don't eat meat, bird or fish. There are indeed many vegetarian diets. Some of them are:

Lacto-vegetarian diet excludes meat, fish, bird and eggs, as well as all products containing meat or fish. Dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt and oil are included in such diet.

Lacto-vegetarian diet excludes meat, fish and bird, but includes dairy products and eggs.

Vegetarian diets exclude meat, fish, bird, seafood and dairy products, but allow the use of eggs.

Vegan diet excludes meat, bird, fish, eggs, dairy products, word, any animal food, including honey.

Some people follow half-century diet. They usually eat vegetable food, but sometimes they afford meat, eggs, birds and fish in small quantities.

How do you get the necessary nutrients?

The key to a healthy vegetarian diet, like any other healthy diet, is diversity. One product can't provide you with everything you need. The harder the diet you stick to, the harder the organism will collect useful substances. The Vegan diet, for example, almost completely excludes the natural path of vitamin B12. Nor does it include dairy products, an important source of calcium.

But it's only right to plan your diet, and your system will have everything he needs. Focus on the following vitamins and micronutrients:

Calcium is responsible for the health of teeth and bones. The most common source is dairy products. If you refuse to use them, try to eat more dark green vegetables, such as repa, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, they'll fill the calcium deficit in the system. Sometimes calcium enriches juice, cereal, soy milk, yogurt and tofu.

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