Vegetarianism Of The Prescriptions For The Deterioration

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EKBvnlhmEWYCan we lose weight without making a special effort to make the process a pleasure?

From personal experience, I know what I can do! Not only can you, but you do. There's nothing complicated about that.

I suggest to your attention a 1, 5-2 month plan, followed by which you will inevitably get rid of extra kilograms, easily and with pleasure! But this is not a way for those who want to lose fast! Only for those who need quality and long-term results!

First stage, two to three weeks, you'll have your favorite dishes, eat as much as you've used to, and don't change anything!

Remember: the degradation process begins with a change of thinking and attitude towards food. Food should be your friend, not your enemy. Every meal must give you pleasure and satisfaction. You don't have to smash yourself for enjoying your taste, there's nothing wrong with that.article-13985618020 Taking food is what we can enjoy every day a few times a day. We must appreciate it and be grateful!

So, in the first step, you don't have to limit yourself to anything you want to lose. Forget the newoded diet, using which a man feels dressed immediately. It's the last century and you've made sure it doesn't work. Using " Measles and Worst " You'll always eat as much as you like, and you'll never feel so divided.
(1) You don't need to lose your favorite food, you don't need to eat less than you're used to eating. You don't need to change your way of life.1330973773 You don't have to go to the gym. All you need is to replace your favorite dishes with healthy similar prescriptions.

For example, replace the mayonnaise for the estimate. A hot potato on a boiled oil. The cakes are homemade from all-star flour without breeze. If you like sweets, make them out of dry fruit and nuts. Love the liver, make it in the oven. The meat will replace the cheek and peas. Vegetarianism is a reasonable choice for those who take care of their health and internal purity.

Love sausage and sausage, buy a vegetarian option. You like cheese sandwiches in the morning, buy a free, full-star bread and Adygie cheese or a branzia. You can't live without an ice cream, make yourself out of creativity, stunning and banana. Recipes of good taste are full! And your fantasy is infinite!

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