Vegetarianism Is A Thick Drod

The televiser doesn't drink or smoke, takes a yoga, eats meat, and can easily swim in the ice cutting
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Nikolai Drosdov. Photo: The personal archive of the bodyguard.

The televiser doesn't drink or smoke, takes a yoga, eats meat, and can easily swim in the ice cutting. And it's 75 years old! Nikolay Nikolayevich told me how he managed it.

When you look at him, old age doesn't seem so sad. With the word " happiness " , harmony with itself and the surrounding world, Nikolai Drosdov is a happy man. First, it is not possible for all to survive such an interesting and saturated life. There were also expeditions to the North Pole, and the Elbrush rise, and unforgettable travel to Australia, Africa and South America. Nikolai Nikolayevich is a scientist, a professor of the MOU and author of many books, academic articles and textbooks.Детство Николая Дроздова прошло под Рязанью. На снимке: дед Сергей Иванович, мама Надежда Павловна, отец Николай Сергеевич, наш герой и его старший брат Сергей. Фото: личный архив Николая Дроздова. Second, he's in love. Not everyone, until such an age, retains faith in goodness, justice and the beauty of the world.

Nikolay Nikolayevich, you're 75... How do you feel about the anniversary?
Nikolai Drosdov: "Well done! Every birthday is a party. A man has been given a certain number of years to live in joy and with a good mood. I love the saying, "Who doesn't smoke or drink, that healthy dies." I think it's good to keep you healthy until the last day of your life.”

You never smoked?
Nikolay Nikolayevich: " It's business. After all, many of us are under company influence in student years. But I've done my bad habit through therapy. And I erased the day I left smoking. My installation: I'm not smoking.

На проекте «Последний герой» телеведущий поймал акулу и, как в сказке о золотой рыбке, отпустил ее обратно в море. Фото: личный архив Николая Дроздова. Ради своих близких телеведущий пожертвовал любимым увлечением – пауками-птицеедами. Фото: личный архив Николая Дроздова.
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