Vegetarianism Is A New Religion?

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There's a vegetarian in the boarding company, and the world is over. If people are well-educated, then of course they'll pretend that there is or is not meat, it's everyone's personal business. And if it's worse with the manners, the situation can come to an open fight, because the proponents of the plant diet are sometimes far from the most friendly, and sometimes they're about to stand up with the fists to believe that there are no animals. Many come to vegetarianism for ethical or religious reasons, although more followers of this type of diet have health objectives: less cholesterol and carcinogens are more likely to live happily ever after. " What about the irreplaceable amino acids and light-proof proteins? " , are the adversaries. I think we should abandon ideology and emotions and try to understand, benefit or harm organisms by rejecting animal food. It's not about a man in general, it's about a breadwinner of our latitude, accustomed to the winter and adapted for centuries.

New religion?

The idea of denying animal food as an old world. It was used to be a religious base. For example, Hinduists, Buddhists and Christians believe that animal food weighs heavily and makes a man aggressive. " All of these allegations, from the field of philosophy, even denomination, and scientific evidence that meat increases the level of aggression, no " , is convinced by Professor Alla Pogeev of the Food Institute. Maybe the reason is that meat is delicious and enjoyable, and one of the tasks of religion is to turn a man to a higher level? The assistant of the cafeteria of biophaca, Stanislav Drobševsky, believes that vegetarianism is a step backwards in evolutionary development. The man has drastically ruptured, as he moves to the meat cooked on fire, tells the scientist. - It's highly caloric, and unlike planting, it doesn't take long to rewind. Leisure is left to think.”

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