Vegetarianism Is A Choice Of Life!

Вегетарианство – польза или

Источник: Vegetarians are usually associated with other people who have lost their minds with a small group of extremists. Often, such a person ' s choice is linked to his antagonistic inclinations or the attraction of a new fashion period. But actually, there's a little vegan/vegetarian. Most of them opt for life for other reasons. Let's see what it is.

For many of the first, principal and often the only reason for transition to a Vegan diet is the spiritual dimension of compassion and prevention of violence against animals (the " Akhims " principle from yoga and Hindu world view), to live in harmony with nature and peace♪ All living creatures, regardless of their purpose on the planet and the existence of highly developed thinking, fear death. By eating such products, we sponsor murder with our own money, and we support the spread of fear and suffering. Looking around all the animals and/or living with the pets at home, we're building emotional and friendly relationships with them. Just thinking.

Animals have feelings, they create families and often show phenomenal loyalty, friendship and care. It's not plastic toys you can create, break and throw. Moreover, a man himself is part of an animal world, however he wishes to ignore that fact. Despite existing differences from animals, we have very many identical instincts and processes, organisms.

That they can be killed (and, moreover, eat) enough to cause terror. Aware of the cruel treatment of animals for food without the real need for it, vegetarians refuse.

Support the exploitation of our smaller brothers.

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