Vegetarianism Has Been Missing For Months

The ex-vegetarian told me how the diet destroyed her health
Что делать если пропали

" At first, I felt how my system was purified. I made adrenaline, I liked to feel purified. I thought I solved the stomach problem. But then I went too far. By the way, I didn't live a normal life, but I always thought I'd eat. I was thinking about food when I could be more socially active.

Jordan confessed to being dependent on vegetable cocktails, stopped eating hot food, sugar, gluten products.

"When my mother and sister were here, I was thinking about the upcoming dinner with them with horror. I ate before I see them, or after. The restaurants with the family made me unhappy.

The vegetarian diet affects not only the mental state of the girl, but also the physical condition. According to Jordan, in a few months, her hair began to fall, her menstrual cycle collapsed, and then her monthly was gone.

“My body showed me what I did, but I didn't want to listen to my system. Because of the worsening of health, I had to drink special vitamins and hormones, "Janger confessed.

Jordan Yanger is now recovering and fortunately has overcome health problems. But after that, she decided that she should tell people the truth about vegetarianism. The girl wrote a book Breaking Vegan, where she told me about the conversion of a long vegetable diet.

By the way, the girl didn't stop running the blog. She changed her name. Now it's called The Balance Blonde. There, Jordan tells us that food must be balanced, and every human body " needs proteins, fats and carbs " .

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