Vegetarianism And Joints

Rhematoid arthritis feeding principles
Общие причины боли в суставах

диета продуктыWhat can a diet be done in a rheumatoid arthritis? Turns out a lot. Hundreds of people suffering from the disease show significant improvement in their condition, with some simple nutritional principles that are discussed below.

Principle 1: Find and exclude problematic products

Revtoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. This means that the immune system is fighting against its own organism and, above all, against its own joints, causing their inflammation and progressive " failure " .

It has been observed that if the use of products contributing to allergic reactions is increased, the rheumatioid arthritis shall be increased. As with the usual allergy, what's dangerous for one is quite calmly carried to others. That's why the best way is to study your organism with some time of eliminary diet. How do you do that?

картофельThat's 1-2. week from diet A certain product is completely excluded in pure form, as well as all the dishes that may contain it. For example, it is necessary not only to give up milk, but also all dairy cough, soups, milk-added cocktails, plumbing. Then, on 1 day, the product is reintroduced in the diet, and in the following days we observe that there has been an increase in the rheumatide polyartrit or no. In three days, we reintroduce the test product into a diet for one day and again watch. This can be repeated several times to be accurate.

The so-called " innocent " products are excluded from their diet, if not permanently, for a period of deterioration.

According to observations, the following products are most likely to be exacerbated by the jealousy polyartry (this is to be tested with eliminary diet in the first place):

  • citrus fruit,
  • Whole milk,
  • The wheat crup,
  • births,
  • corn rupture,
  • Oatmeal,
  • pork,
  • Cocoa,
  • Passenger: tomatoes, baccalaureate, potato.

Principle 2: Hold the vegetarian course

Virtually 40 per cent of the rheumatoid arthritis suffer from a significant improvement in self-reliance following their transition to milk and plant diet. In some cases, fat fish is added to the diet as a good source of omega-3 fat acids and vitamin D.

According to American scientists, the Mediterranean diet, which includes a large number of fruits, vegetables and olive oil, nuts and fish, is beneficial to the disease.

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