Vegetarianism And Cholesterol

Clean receptacles (what is cholesterol harmful?)
На самом деле, железо

Actually, cholesterol is a very important substance for our system. It is part of cellular casings and actively participates in the synthesis of hormones. At the same time, hypercholesterynemia, which, until the time of time, does not show itself, is the right path to atherosclerosis. It can be compared to radiation, which is almost insensitive, but has catastrophic consequences.

It was a fun time to ask if the cholesterol was normal? Only the total cholesterol content, although it is not the case itself, but the transport of cholesterol to the walls of blood vessels. Holesterin travels in blood only in so-called transport forms - lepoproteids, complex compounds consisting of fat and protein. There are several varieties of lipoproteids. Two of them, low and high density, are critical to the health of our receptacles, mostly dependent on the prediction of atherosclerosis. High density hypoproteins have anti-clerogen effects, while low density lipotheids contribute to the deposition of cholesterol in the walls of receptacles.
Thus, accurate forecasts can be made only by exploring the quality of the total cholesterol. The lower number of heart attacks and strokes in women up to climax, compared with men of the same age, is said to be due to the higher concentration of high-density lepotheids. That's how women's sex hormones provide. It is easier for women than men to maintain a good cardiovascular condition despite risk factors. But climax, as well as additional hormones (e.g. contraceptive pills), can break the balance. Harmful habits exacerbate the situation. Therefore, women after 50 catch men, gaining equal chances of atherosclerosis. Finding out how much of your vessels are at risk will help the lipid. The table here will allow you to focus on it.

Total cholesterolHigh density LipoproteinsLow density Lipoproteins
Normalless than 200 mgmore than 60 mgless than 130 mg
Valuemore than 240 mgless than 35 mgmore than 160 mg
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