Vegetarianism And Anaemia

Vegetarianism: healthy receptacles and heart or anaemia?
Вегетарианство: здоровые сосуды и сердце или анемия?Vegetarianism is a nutritional system that excludes animal products from the diet, including birds and fish. The proponents are also called vegans. They don't use meat so they don't hurt animals. There are also volunteers who eat eggs, milk and sometimes fish.

Despite its popularity and positive qualities, vegetarianism cannot be considered a useful diet, and proponents of vegetation are perfectly healthy people, a specialist believes.

Insufficient protein

Vegetarianism is a special form of nutrition, with about 10 to 12 per cent of the population, commenting on Gregorian. It notes that the net vegetarians of all these people are only 1 to 2 per cent. The others are more of an opaquetian.

Specialist reminded me that only animal proteins contain animosic acid. Thus, vegetation products cannot fully enrich the organism with the required substances. " Vegetarian feeding certainly has a lower burden on the digestive system, but it is not the best diet because it lacks protein animals and is essential " , notes Grigori.

Lack of data in the organism cannot be filled with vegetable food, added a specialist.

" The man ' s organism will begin to waste his protein and his muscles. How strong the need and the scarcity of protein animals can be determined. Most people have been compensated (to fill the shortage of animal protein in the domestic resources of the organism) and have long lived through this diet) - Grigorian noted.

The expert notes that it is sufficient to add to the diet of a vegetarian who consumes only once a month and that the shortage of animal matter will be compensated.

Risk and benefits of vegetarianism

Science cannot give a clear answer, which is more useful or harm in vegetarianism. Grigorian cited popular studies, but scientific epidemiological studies that could be proven had not yet been carried out by Russian scientists. " We are often confronted with cases of this mode of nutrition, and it cannot be said that these people are perfectly healthy " .

Grigorian also noted that although meat and positioned in advertising as a harmful product, vegetable food also had some disadvantages and could cause different diseases. " The lack of an animal protein can lead first to anaemia. A purely planted diet could lead to the development of submarines, as there are many purins in vegetables whose introduction of large quantities into the diet may cause problems of joints and propulsion equipment, added a specialist.

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