Vegetarian Myths

Памятник Леонардо да Винчи в

вегетарианство вн 3.jpgThere are many wrong myths about vegetarianism. And we're planning on disbanding them today. So those who want to give up meat and fish and move to vegetable products read carefully and make sure that your wishes are right.

Men vegetarians are weaker than meat

A lot of people have a stereotypical stereotyping to be strong requires meat. But according to the American scientist and Dr. David Reid, the vegetarians are stronger. They spend less energy. Their body doesn't need to take meat toxins. If you doubt this assertion, then we'll give you a real example, a four-time bodibilder champion named Beale Pearl, a vegetarian diet and no animal product. Let's say it's not the only vegetarian silo in the world.вегетарианство вн 4.jpg Stan Pryce is a world record-breaker of gravity, and he doesn't eat meat either. There are many examples. So power doesn't depend on whether you eat meat or not.

Vegetarian food contains little protein.

Let's see what white is? It's a molecule chain that consists of amic acid. The grain does not have one amino acid, so we can talk about the lack of protein.вегетарианство вн 1.jpg But it's a real gap to close if you add bean and brush to evils. I mean, a vegetarian gets enough protein if he combines food properly. For example, we can make a Greek pot and beans for lunch. In addition, British Encyclopedia claims that there are 56 per cent more protein than meat in evil and dairy products.

Vegetarians are degraded by intellectual activity

That's ridiculous, because it's only worth reading the biography of great scholars and inventors, and you'll realize that approval is absurd. Okay, vegetarian was Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and that's not the whole list of great personalities.вегетарианство вн 2.jpg For example, well-known philosophers such as Pythagoras, Socrates, Platoon, Seneca did not use meat and fish either. And even Leonardo da Vinci and Lev Tolstoy were vegetarians. So smart abilities and talent don't depend on what we feed. Frequently the meats say the vegetarians lack phosphorus. He's the one who's involved in building brain cells. But phosphorus isn't just in fish. Our organism receives it from eggs, beans, coloured cabbages, walnuts, selery, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, redistribution and many other products. It's just a fish that's probably the most vicious product that contains phosphorus. So the vegetarian gets more phosphorus than the others.

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