Vegetarian Diet. What's Dangerous?

Вегетарианство в Японии

Вегетарианская диета. Чем опасна? Видео. Вегетарианская диета. Чем опасна? ВидеоAlways in the middle. The first vegetarian societies emerged in the mid-nineteenth century in England and America and then throughout Europe. And they were called the Vegans then, and the power style, respectively, is veganism.

Looking at the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Brockgause and Ephron, we read that veganists consider the only food of the human being to be planted. All animal products are excluded from the diet: livestock and bird meat, fish, dairy products and eggs.

In translation into an understandable language, it means that the true vegetarian must for all abandon not only the creativity and cheese, but also the cakes (which are cooked with milk and eggs) and even, poor man, the ice cream. Real martyrs of a healthy lifestyle!

But such true vegetarians (vegans) today must be counted on their fingers. Lactovegetarians and opaquetians received the greatest popularity. What is that?

Lactovegetarian diet

Permits to eat dairy products. She's a periodical, but not a long period for older people. Products must be diverse: beans, nuts, bread from the flour of rough belt, vegetables, fruit, berries, vegetable oils.

Ovolactovegetarian diet

allows for the appearance of eggs in the menu. It provides all necessary organisms, including vitamin B12, missing in the vegetation and calcium, and therefore is suitable for long-term use.

What are the Hungarians now?

In fact, the boundaries of vegetarianism have become quite blurry. For example, it is considered that someone who often eats not only eggs, dairy products, but also fish, a vegetarian. It is this vague language that leads to persistent disputes over the harm and usefulness of such a diet.

If, for example, in the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century, vegetation food supporters were mentally and religiously motivated, human beings now come to vegetarian health reasons, so they are expected to correct their health.

Most studies do confirm the usefulness of such a diet, but not strict, but many scientists note that vegetarians There are fewer heart failures, lower blood cholesterol levels, hypertensions among them, too.

And yet the best nutritional regime is mixed, but carefully selected for every individual. It's because we're very differently moving some food. Some people don't feel well, eating meat, others have a shortage of animal protein, causing weakness and oppressiveness.

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