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Вегетарианство. В похожих не

google-trendsThe ordinary person who has little interest in such matters as SEO, contextual advertising and searching robots, uses Google to find interesting information, say "how to make bed with his hands" (actually for men) or "classic olivery recipe (most interesting for girls). However, we have an amazing opportunity to look at the development of the fashion trends that have emerged as a manifest through Google Trends.

Recently, so much has been said about healthy lifestyles, and there is not a single book on this subject, and there are not a thousand articles on the Internet. Over time, this broad concept has narrowed to three basic and most relevant concepts: sport, sport and health and vegetarian♪ I suggest that we focus on the last one and follow up on this current since 2005...

вегетарианствоIn the global web site, vegetarianism has been confident for many years, and only in 2014 the growth of the curve has shown strong user interest. The latest figures for November 2015 indicate that vegetarianism in the world is steadily gaining turnover.

I wonder what you're asking.vegetarianism" On the global Internet site, active growth began in January 2008, with each subsequent year only proving the relevance of the topic.

It was strange, but the largest number of requests had been in March 2012. I remember it was the world that was preparing for another end of the world. Maybe people saw a change in planting as an opportunity to survive in total food insecurity?

However, Ukrainians became interested in vegetarian issues only in 2011.vegetarianstvo But apparently, we're not trying to completely abandon meat, as evidenced by the fall of the curve in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.

It is funny that in the post-Soviet area the residents of Belarus are the most active, and the Ukrainians occupy the third place on the list, ahead of Bulgaria.

In the meantime, Singaporeans, according to the popularity of the global request, are prepared to completely renounce meat and actively seek information on vegetarianism in the Internet.

So what exactly do you want in the world those who knowingly want to go on the side of the grass? First of all, this is general information on meat-free feeding and then the prescriptions themselves. However, most users still see meat as diet rather than lifestyles.

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