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ВегетарианствоWhat man can call himself a vegetarian? Vegetarians and vegans are the same? Why don't vegetarians eat meat? People who face the phenomenon of “vegetarianism” usually have very many questions. In this article, I will try to answer most of them, and explain why vegetarianism is often associated with the Vedic Indian Culinary, how vegetarianism is linked to spiritual consciousness and why people choose such a way of life.

Vegetarianism as a food system excludes meat products (including fish meat, seafood) and eggs. There are lacto-au-vegetarians, including eggs and dairy products and lacto-vegetarians who use dairy products. More often, the vegetarian does not refuse dairy products (milk, cheese, creativity, etc.) that do not speak of vegans, strict vegetarians, excluding all animal products from their diet. They often do not use copper as a product of bee exploitation, wear fur and skin and use no cosmetics to be tested for animals. In fact, many vegetarians support the idea of rejecting mechanics and cosmetics testing animals.

My husband and I are taking the lacto-vegetarians, and we're interested in vedical corn. What do you mean, vedical?

Vegetarianism in terms of ancient Indian writings of Veda

The word " Veda " is translated from the session as absolute knowledge. Knowing God, nature, man, everything in this world. Vedes are ancient sacred writings. According to Veda, people are not bodies of material nature, but souls that are meant to know themselves in this world. Spirit is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss. The vegetarian feeding system helps to achieve self-awareness. It is believed that by the nature of a man, meat, fish, eggs do not fit his food, but are suitable for vegetables, germs, cereals, milk and honey.

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