Valentine Of The Shirts: " I Became A Vegetarian To A Dispute "

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Валентина Рубцова: «Я стала вегетарианкой на спор»Our heroin is familiar with the role of Tany Archipova from Univer. Tanya is a serious and committed student at law school. Valentina Rubtsov is a happy young mother. About how 13 years ago the actress became a vegetarian, about yoga, motherhood and life principles of Valentine. Vegetarian

rubtsova_66.jpgValentina, how did you come to vegetarianism? What pushed you to that?

It was an accident in 2001. At that time, we lived together with a girl who was a member of the First Star Fabrics of Juliy Bujilova. We decided to stop eating fish and meat, not gradually, but just one day. There's no specific argument. They just wanted to check on each other, you know... so competitive. I didn't even think about changing the regime before, and the diet didn't stick.

And in two days, I started to have a gastroli, and then I sat in the Girls Group. They went to Kuzbass, after the concert of artists, they waited for a great furchette, the tables just broke from eating. Imagine, a fish chump, pork, baranines... anything, but I insisted that I be given vegetables. And it went completely painless. I could have eaten any food, and Yule wouldn't have known. But I'm principled, maybe what I was doing sports, it gave me the power of will. Only then, my friend and I became more interested in all of this, and our refrigerator had soy products, and we learned how to make cottages of vegetables. I didn't realize that the carrots could make so much food! Then our way with Yule broke up somehow, but I've been really into it, getting involved with the right people and reading the literature, and I was really interested.

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