The Food Of Vegetarians

Ученые из Университета Карнеги

ВегетарианствоDuring the discussion of the diet of vegetarians, the question is: does the abandonment of protein animals lead to a weakening of the organism? We'll talk about it, and we'll have a weekly dietary program developed by the dietologists, "how to eat vegetarians properly."

Another ancient philosopher Plutarch said that mind and mind are stupid of meat. By the way, the Latin word " vegetus " means " life-saving " . The ancient Sparta warriors were predominantly vegetarian food, a period marked by the divine beauty of the human body.


There are many indications in favour of vegetarianism. Let's say the heart of the vegetarian is slower, and it's longer. Research conducted at the FGD has shown that those who do not eat meat have an arterial pressure and blood viscosity lower than meat. Both are known to be directly related to the development of atherosclerosis and heart attack; people with increased pressure and greater blood viscosity are more likely to get sick. There is evidence that vegetarians are much less affected during the epidemic. Japanese scientists recently reported on the results of the 40-year observation of a large group of vegetarians. Conclusion: Those who have had enough diversities have lived longer than meat and have been active for more time.

In Russia, there have long been many followers of “unarmed” food. Posts and post days prescribed by religion were strictly observed and over 200. One Grand Post only lasts seven weeks. Historical and literary sources indicate that post days have made people healthyer, more discreet, more resilient. By the way, Wednesday and Friday, according to the Christian religion, have always been counted as nights.

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