Strict Vegetarianism

Строгое вегетарианство

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Survival and vegetarianism: for and against

Classical nutrition science advises that fresh vegetables and fruits be included in their daily diet as an invaluable source of vitamins, minerals and Foodstuffs fibre. These products play a major role in maintaining good self-esteem and promoting health, are the foundation of many healing techniques, unloading days and diet. Some food systems value fruit and vegetables so high that other products - mainly animal origin - are virtually excluded. How faithful to this nutritional approach, we'll try to understand this article.


Vegetarianism is a nutritional system based on vegetation products. Vegetarianism has been hit in Europe from Asia by Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Hindus, yogovs and has long broken public misunderstanding boundaries, becoming the most common form of non-traditional food in dozens of countries. Vegetarians claim that only their dietary system is natural for humans, can provide for strong health, prevention of different diseases and active longevity. On the other hand, vegetarians insist on the need to use vegetable food only for religious, philosophical and other reasons, regardless of its physical impact on humans. There are three types of vegetarian diet: veganism (spic vegetarian, which uses only vegetable food and excludes any kind of animal protein), vectovegetarianism (small-growing vegetarianism) and lactoovegarianism (small-scale vegetarianism).

Feeding science points to both positive and negative aspects of vegetarianism. We'll figure out the basic assumptions of this feeding system in terms of classic dietology.

Meat is a vector of various diseases, it contains human-friendly substances that have been found in animals and birds alive from the environment. Comments: This is the correct assertion, so important is the State ' s veterinary and sanitary and epidemimic control of the health of animals and birds and their proper slaughter, production, storage and marketing of meat products. The consumer ' s compliance with elementary meat storage and preparation regulations is equally important.

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