Repine Painter And Herbal Wolves Of Tube Sculptor

Вегетарианство молодость

Вегетарианцы до революцииThe movement of meat adversaries has never been widely spread in the empire and has remained a narrow top layer. First, the long-standing traditions of Orthodoxy have already taught the population to refrain from being soon in post days. Secondly, a Russian peasant simply couldn't afford to eat meat dishes often, he was a vegetarian.

Lev Tolstoy publishes a book called " First Step " in 1892, where there is a parallel between vegetarianism and human moral growth. The classic notes that the vegetarian movement has long been entrenched in western countries and will be a special helper to the man who has set the goal of building the kingdom of God on earth.

The English philosopher, Ogust Conta William Frey's researcher, has brought the fat to the forego. The guest described his system of views on food: pray, teeth and bowels prove that man is not a predator in nature. As soon as the table in the author ' s family had to be divided into two parts: the husband ' s wife had not supported the vegetable food. Tolstog's rattle was pet, salad, Greek and oatmeal. In 1908, Russian classics called " the sun of the vegetarian world " . Lev Nikolayevich brought interest from all over the continent. So, one day, he was turned up by a strange gentleman who ate every two days, but it's a great pound of bread, a pound of vegetables, a pound of fruit. After a meeting with the Tolst writer, Nikolai Gae moved to a wheat, even though he had a veal all his life.

The vegetarian of the " Tolstov appeal " has also become the literary of Nikolai Leskov. In 1889, he publishes an article on vegetarians or serdoms and butchers, and later insists on the need for a special welded book. Heroi-vegetarians are gradually entering the forest works pages: " I have had great maths, imagining and predisposing, a good covert and a good polite. Before that, there was mercy that no one could be upset, no man, no animal, no meat, no fish, no regrets to animals.

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