Paul Mccartney About Vegetarianism

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Пол Маккартни - о своей жене Линде и вегетарианстве

Paul McCartney is the Lynda Bills legend and vegetarianism.

Everyone felt comfortable with Linda, and that's because of her kindness. I was worried that people wouldn't understand her unusual nature. But I started getting a bunch of e-mails and realized that people loved her! She didn't want to do what didn't matter. When she realized she could save animals, she discovered her own production of vegetarian food.

I can talk about Linda for hours and I think the best thing we can do today is be vegetarians. Linda let us down on this and we'll continue her great job. We'll keep publishing books. vegetarian foodWe're not gonna let the faquela go.

After Linda died in 1998, I offered people to make donations to cancer research and animals, but the best time they can do for them to become vegetarians.

I know that PETA has done a lot of work to prevent people from giving money to animal experiments, and I am also categorically opposed to animal research.

I saw a program where cats and dogs were shown to have their spine cut. The commentator said, "The animals have four legs, and we have two, and we can't have any useful information for ourselves as a result of their murder." It was so creepy. There's no point in murder. Medical arguments are not good. And even if it is, we still have no right to kill other creatures.

Somehow we think we're much better than animals, but I'm not sure. I'm telling people, "We've fixed all the animals, we've won any kind of connection, can't we be mercy?"

I think it's time to be kind.

I've been unresponsive for a long time. When I was a teenager, I had to go to the army, I was afraid of it, I thought, "I can't kill anyone," I knew I had to learn to kill. And I started walking into the woods and killing frogs. Linda was terrified of this story. I thought if I couldn't kill a frog, I wouldn't be a soldier. When I realized I was bad about animals, I suddenly asked myself, "What am I doing?" It was a key moment, and I decided in the woods, the service or not, but I'll stop it. I realized it was crazy and asked for forgiveness from all frogs.

Later, when I was at the Beatles, I had a wonderful Martha dog. I wrote a song for her "Marta, my dear." John Lennon was having fun watching me change when I spent time with a dog who always jumped on me.

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