How Dangerous Is Vegetarian

How dangerous is vegetarianism, or can we live without meat?
Опасность вегетарианства: чем

More and more people who use vegetarian food have recently been able to meet. For some, the transition to a plant menu is a way to degrade, others prefer it because of certain filosophical attitudes and compassion to animals, others believe that light food contributes to health, protects the organism from harmful cholesterol and obsolescence.

Dietologists are convinced that vegetarianism is not in conformity with the principles of healthy nutrition. Studies carried out in 1990 under the auspices of the World Health Organization confirm that the diet must be animal white, including meat. Otherwise, even healthy people who excluded this product from their diet may become anaemia, hypovitaminos and protein deficiency.

Meat is the main source of iron for the organism and the source of vitamins of group B. The intake of iron contained in vegetable products is difficult due to its connection of phytin acid. For example, the rice and spinal ferries are between 1 and 2 per cent, the bean is 5 per cent and the meat is 20 per cent.

The adherents of pure vegetarianism often develop anaemia as a result of the vitamin B12 deficit, which is contained only in animal products. The lack of this vitamin leads to annihilation of the nervous system and a stomach-kid tract. It may be filled with meat that also contains vitamins A, PP, phosphorus, magic, potassium, zinc, copper, selene, chrome, molybden and other useful substances.

Meat, bird and processing products are the source of full, easily exploited proteins. Low protein content in the diet leads to a lack of protein and energy. When it is removed from the food, the “strategic” stocks are sufficient for only a few cups, and then the exchange of substances continues with tissue proteins. Their uncompensated loss disrupts carbon sequestration, vitamin skills, tissue respiratory intensity, discoordinates enzymes. When proteins are scarce, the blood plasma and liver labytes are broken first and then the nitrogen is lost because of the breakdown of the muscle tissue.

The squirrels of many plant products are difficult to cross. They are placed in shell casings and other substances that prevent digestive fermentants, especially in bean, mushrooms, nuts, wholesale rupees. The meat squirrels in the intestines are more than 90%.

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