How And Why Feed Separately?

или Как правильно питаться

Как и зачем питаться раздельно? 10 правил для здоровой жизниWe've all heard of food mix rules. This principle is at the heart of the the theory of separation, popular throughout the world. There are thousands of different language tables on the Internet, some of which contradict each other.

I tried to synthesize this disparate experience in a more understandable picture. There are 10 rules that you can use without difficulty in normal life. But to start with a few words about why this is all about.

What's the point of separation?

You can feed on the selection. organic produce, but if they're mixed in your stomach without being clear, there's no use for that kind of food. With the same success, you can eat synthetic products from a supermarket or even a fast food.

Therefore, if it was possible to hear before: " I am what I am eating " , it is the other thing today: " I am what I am. "

таблица-совместимости-продуктов.jpgWhere did this theory come from?

It started in Russia. In the past century, our compatriots academy, I. P. Pavlov, conducted a series of scientific experiments to study human digestation. Pavelov found that:

  • For each product, the organism distinguishes its special form of digestive juice. The amount of this juice is different.
  • The timing and nature of different products varies. Fruits are refrigerated very quickly, and cheese or beans far longer.3.jpg If the products are connected in the stomach with different resupply times, the " fast " will be thrown away and the " long " will not be realized.
  • The resupply of different types of food occurs in the different sections of the stomach-kid tract (LCT). For example, the bread starts to rewindle in the mouth, the fruit in the thintestine, and the meat first cuts between 2 and 3 hours in the stomach and then cultivates.

Thus, the stomach juice changes its composition from neutral to highly acid, depending on the food that comes into it.

Pavlov ' s findings indicate a highly sensitive meal learning mechanism in which organisms are instantly divided. The scientific development of the Pavlova Academy was the basis for the the theory of separation of Herbert Shelton, whose books are very popular among healthy diet. To date, thousands of cases of shelton treatment are known.

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