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It's been fashionable to talk about vegetarianism lately. In the Rostov, the army of supporters of meatless lives is becoming more and more. Only a vegetarian restaurant is missing. But I hope it's done soon, and a free niche will be taken by some of the good entrepreneurs. So, let's find out who the vegetarians are, and why they're more attracted to this lifestyle.

altThe word " vegetus " , introduced by the founders of the British Vegetarian Society in 1842, is derived from Latin vegetus, which means " strong, healthy, fresh, awake " , as in the words of homo vegetus, which points to the spiritual and physically developed person. The original word " vegetarian " meant a philosophical and morally harmonious way of life, not just a fruit and vegetable diet.

The reasons why people refuse meat food differently. Someone became a vegetarian to strengthen or correct health, one of economic or religious considerations. But in most cases, it's people who realized that first we need to get rid of the inclination to violence in their hearts, and then think about creating a peaceful society.

So, how did you sign up for vegetarians? No, well, it's a pity you won't be able to put yourself in the same row with such eminent thinkers and famous people as Pythagoras, Socrates, Platon, Clement Alexandria, Plutarch, Leonardo da Vinci, John Milton, Sir Isaac Newton, Walter, Benjamin Franklin, Jean Jacques Russo, Lamartin, Lev Tol.

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