Food Pyramid For Vegetarian

В качестве вторых блюд на обед

Healthy nutrition requires a systemic approach, especially when the question of vegetarianism is raised.
The food pyramid schematically reflects the general principles of proper nutrition. The pyramids are based on products that should be used as often as possible in the top, which should be limited. Generally accepted pyramidswhich gives a clear answer to the question, which products and quantities to be found, does not exist at this time. The most popular are the Harvard Nutrition Pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture, MyPyramid, as well as food pyramids reflecting the food characteristics of different national kitchens (Asian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian). The latter focus on products that are often used most in a region.

Depending on the type of vegetarian pyramid, vegetarian food pyramid does not specify the need to use meat, chicken, fish and/or milk, eggs to ensure that food is complete and balanced.

How to feed a vegetarian

On the basis of the vegetarian pyramid of food, some conclusions may be drawn on the need to include in menu products in different quantities.

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