Diet Values And Shortcomings


Достоинства и недостатки вегетарианской диетыVegetarian diet is a food system that excludes meat and fish consumption.

Vegetarianism has several levels. The first level is to exclude meat and fish products from the diet. The second level, veganism, means the use of vegetable products only, prohibited meat, fish, dairy products, eggs. Syroids call people who don't heat food, explaining the fact that at a temperature greater than 460C, the enzymes are being destroyed. The French are people whose diet is just fruit. Based on the level, the diet of vegetarian diet is determined.
Vegetarian diet.

The traditional vegetarian diet for deterioration involves the consumption of plant products, including potassium, cereal products, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruit. Under such a food system, it is important not only to exclude animal products from the diet, but to find them a worthy vegetable replacement in terms of food value.

According to feedback, the vegetarian diet, which includes the following diet, allows for full and diversity of nutrition.

The following options are recommended for breakfast:

Tea and 200 ovine pot;
Coffee, small banana, two pieces of bread from a brute belt;
tea or coffee, toast with pieces of apples, 30 g carrots;
Compote or tea, orange (1st), bread toast, preferably with cuts;
Coffee, 100 grams of malls or strawberries, two buns.

The following options will be suitable for vegetarian diet lunch:

Vegetable salad and a piece of bread from rude belt;
150 g weld rice, one carrots, apple or orange;
Welding beans, fresh vegetable salad, one piece of bread from a brute belt;
Vegetable salad, Greek pot, apple;
Vegetable salad and 125 grams of bean;
A piece of bread from a brute belt, a string beans, an apple puncture;
vegetarian swimsfresh vegetable salad, orange;
salad from fresh vegetables, vinegrate, pear or apple.

Dinner may be presented by such variations:

Welded brown rice (2 table spoons), vegetable bed, one pear;
Macaron and broccoli, lemon salad, orange.

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