Colicks And Vegetarians

Meaning a shortage of milk in the "bottoms"
Вегетарианство, внезапно

Does vegetarian affect the health of the child and the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding? The consequences of our story.

Fiftieth Mamino Milk: Meaning a shortage of milk in "sniff breasts." Transition to vegetarianism

My name is Anna and I'm the mother of a six-year-old boy and... another boy, just over a year.

After 30th, I started thinking about vegetarianism and just before my second pregnancy, my husband and I decided to give up meat, fish and eggs.

And since people who are committed to a " full " traditional diet are almost unaware of vegetarianism, this event has led to the worrying of our family and loved ones. I'm pregnant!

And while I am certainly not a pioneer, and such examples are enough in the history of mankind, the sentiments and anxiety of others have done their business, sometimes I have started to question and nervous.

But since I wasn't alone, the decision was our family, and we didn't miss my husband and I, we kept vegetarian. Pregnancy went smooth, the labs were fine.

The only difference from my first safe pregnancy was that instead of 12 kg for the second time, I only got 4 kg, so my husband and I were expecting a very small boy.

I was born in August and in natural fruits and vegetables, we had no shortages, so, apart from iodine and folic acid, synthetic vitamins and minerals, as well as other drugs, I didn't take.

What was our surprise when a little vegetarian weighing more than 4kg was born! But it went great, baby was healthy, and on the third day we were sent home. And there's a thoracic meltdown.

Words on first breastfeeding experience

I haven't had enough information. The various seminars, lectures, magazines and the Internet have convinced me that if you want to feed, it can't be any different. I was determined and confident. But the theory was easier than practice.

The first son was born about 3 kilos, lost another 300 grams in the home, and milk didn't arrive until the fifth day. But the doctors supported my desire and did not feed.

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