Can We Be A Vegetarian And Bearded?

Как качать крылья гантелями

People who follow the vegetarian way of feeding and who are beginning to engage in bearding and fitness are facing some problems. This article offers advice and recommendations that may increase the muscle mass, while maintaining the same nutritional regime, does not stop being a vegetarian.

Vegetarianism provides for abstinence from basic food, i.e. from animal products, which contribute to the growth of muscle mass. All world authoritative sources of sports medicine speak of one. Eggs, meat and milk are related to products that generate muscle mass and pump large muscles.

The whole point is that. Is it possible to be a vegetarian and to be a bodibildong at the same time? Is it possible to build muscle mass without stopping vegetarian power? If so, how do we do it?

These questions are very difficult and unequivocal. A large number of protein is contained in chezevic, nuts, soy and beans. But using only these products, there are serious obstacles for vegetarians that need to be overcome.

The main problems of matching vegetarianism with bearding and fitness are:

  • Vitamin B-12 flaw;
  • Carbon control, in particular during fat incineration;
  • at the main stages of muscle formation and their recovery after training, the possibility of achieving a positive nitrogen balance.

Regulation of important protein mTOR vegetarianism and bearding.

The protein mTOR is a very important element for all mammals. It has properties that help regulate growth, synthesis of protein, cell survival, and mobility. This protein is also involved in the regulation of amino acids, and most importantly in the regulation of insulin levels.

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