Can A Kid Be A Vegetarian?

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The experts do not provide a clear answer to this question. " For " , the Vegetarian children are much better than their peers, the argument " against " is to feed only vegetables, the babies lack vitamins and whites. To feed your rabbit, decide to you, but listen to professional advice.

Use of vegetable food

According to the American Diet Association magazine, Vegetarian children have been surpassed for a year, physically and mentally, by their limestones. Research by scientists shows that the mental development rate of planted babies is 17 points higher than the average. And their health, they say doctors, they're stronger. For example, girls who do not eat meat are four times less likely to develop breast cancer. And for people with vegetarian food, the probability of cardiovascular diseases is 10 times lower!

What's to replace meat?

The question is, feed or not feed your child's meat, not if vegetarianism is the lifestyle of your family. If you haven't eaten meat all the time, replacing it with nuts and vegetables, and it makes you feel great, your baby's organism is ready to receive all the nutrients from plant food.

It is important to control the quantity and quality of products used.

Vitamin B12, which mainly receives meat, scientists found soy cheese and sea algae. Besides, this vitamin synthesizes our system.

Alternative meat sources of iron are spinate, cabbage and green salad.

White There are nuts, beans, rice and soy products. Make sure these products are sufficient in the baby's diet.

Different nutrition

Some doctors who resist only vegetables Menu for children It is reported that while certain substances (i.e. iron, zinc and vitamins - A, D, B12) are routinely unavailable, Vegetarian children fall behind their peers in growth and development. This is partly accepted by the adherents of this mode of nutrition, with only clarification, if the variety of vegetable food is very limited. If you're worried about a diversified menu for your baby, he'll get the necessary growing organism.

In addition, in this one dietologist, children need milk and eggs. It's necessary that your rabbit get squirrels in the right quantities (four times more than adults).

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