Budapest Vegetarian Notes


рынок.jpgThere was a week of hope,

There was a burning Ardash on the wind May.

And the rascal city of Budapest,

Seven bridges attached to the Danube... ♪

Constantine Suzujn

This time, Europe wanted to fly for something unusual, and, in view of the difficult economic situation, it was extremely budgetary. On a lot of advice from friends and friends, and with google-card help, the choice went to a nice mystery stranger to me, Budapest. I must say that I only went there for a change of environment and an urgent sip of European air, and I received the most unforgettable memories of the most beautiful (in my view and experience) of Europe.

Заметки вегетарианца из БудапештаBefore I went to Hungary, I looked up a few programmes and read some articles about the local kitchen. Everyone, as one, said that the vegetarians need to change their tickets immediately and choose a less meat-loving country or be held by dryers. Call accepted!

It must be noted at once that in Hungary, even the most humble tourist feels rich, because only when you come out of the exchanger, you become the owner of some terrible number of Forints. Even our depreciated roubles are three to four times more than local Forints. That's why tourists usually lack a wallet to put all this colorful richness together, and toy bills are fun getting you out of jeans, jackets and jackets. The most unexpected place where you can get a change of the euro at a very decent rate is local bars. They're paying for both Forints and euros, but you can only count in local currency.


DSC_7962.jpgFirst of all, I went to my hotel's secretary for a vegetarian in Budapest. A man's face on the line, even if he's accustomed to strange questions, I'm not gonna describe it, I'm just saying that he also told me to change the country and not to torture me in search of national noodles without meat. After about half an hour of soap on different sites and references, I was finally sent to the market. I wrote about European markets in the previous article on Spain, but for those who haven't read it again, it's another world. The world of admirable and beautiful pins where the perfect pyramids are fruit and vegetables of all colours, tastes and sizes... Central markets in cities are most commonly hidden and have special architectural styles.

Central Market in Budapest differs with its three-stage character (minus the first floor where fish and meat are sold, we haven't looked there for obvious reasons). On the first floor, vegetables, fruits, booze, spices, second souvenirs, textiles, matches... Yeah, mattresses, because the Hungarians are convinced that it's their own invention, and all the souvenir shops are ruined by that kind.

DSC_7987.jpg kalacsoda.jpg DSC_8092.jpg fefbdb90-2b10-11e3-afef-123139066881.jpg

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