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Cyanocobalamine (vitamin 12)
ВИТАМИН B12 – какво не знаем

внешний (витмин В12) и внутренний факторы Касла


Vitamins B12 call a group of cobalt-containing biologically active substances called cobalamines. These include cyanocobalamine, hydroxycobalamine and two vitamin cafferation forms B12: methylcobalamine and 5-dezoxiadenosylcobalamin. In a narrower sense, vitamin B12 is referred to as cyanocobalamine because it is in this form that the majority of vitamin B12 is produced in human organisms without losing sight of the fact that it is not synonymous with B12, and several other compounds also have a B12-vitamin activity. Cyanocolamine is only one of them. Therefore, cyanocolamine is always vitamin B12, but not always vitamin B12 is cyanocobalam.


Vitamin B12 (cyanocolamine) is one of the most controversial members of the Vitamin B-complex family.В12 участвует в формировании эритроциты. содержащие гемоглобин Although the total chemical structure of the vitamin B12 was detected only in the 1960s, two Nobel Prizes have already been observed with the vitamin. The first Nobel Prize in 1934 was awarded the discovery that food (especially liver, very rich source of vitamin B12) could be used to treat malignant anaemia (inability to transport oxygen). The second prize, thirty years later, is awarded to chemists for discovering the exact chemical structure of this important vitamin.

VITAMIN Synthesis in 12

Vitamin B12 is unusual in relation to its origin. Almost all vitamins may be extracted from a variety of plants or specific animals, but no plant or animal can produce vitamin B12. The primary source of this vitamin, according to current data, is tiny micro-organisms: bacteria, brisket, plumbing and algae.

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