Arguments For Vegetarianism


There is no method of diet that is equally appropriate for everyone - all people are different, and what fits one person doesn't have to fit another. Personally, we advocate food for both vegetable and animal food, and there's a lot of proof that this is reasonable.

5 веских аргументов против веганской диеты

However, vegans often claim that people must exclude all animal products from the diet. No, we don't have anything against vegans or vegetarians: if you want to eat that and feel good, it's great! Keep in the same spirit, why not? But lying and intimidating to convince everyone else to eat the same is not right. In the end, and the Vegan diet has a number of flaws.

For example:

Vegans lack many important nutrients

People are great. We can feed both animal and plant products. There are nutrients that can be obtained from plants (e.g. vitamin C) and others that can be obtained only from animals.

Vitamin B12 is a waterproof vitamin that participates in every cell in the organism, which is particularly important for bleeding and brain functioning. Since B12 is critical to life and is not found in the necessary number of plants (except for certain types of algae), vegans often lack it: one study states that 92 per cent of vegans lack this substance in the organism.

But B12 is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other less-known nutrients that are contained in animal products only and are critical to the optimum functioning of the organism.

Some examples are:

♪ Animal squirrel contains all the indispensable amino acids in the right ratio is important for the growth of muscle mass and bone health. Vegans don't get any animal proteins.

♪ Creatine helps build energy in cells. Studies show that vegetarians have a creatin deficit.

- Carnosine protects different degenerative processes in the system and can protect against ageing. It is contained only in animal products.

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