Vontons (Chinese Mants) With Chechens

Не забываем все блюда готовить

We would like you to try an interesting version of the Chinese vents or genomes, with a brush and cabbage recipe sent by the Ostya Gorgotz:

Vontons are Chinese versions of meths, traditionally prepared from meat or mushrooms with seafoods and young bamboo stalks. It's like a snack or a vegetable bull. I suggest we make an adapted vegetarian option. Wontons look very beautiful, and tastes interesting, doesn't look like pelmen or harbors. More traditional tasters can change their attitude.

Vegetarian vontons

Composition (19-20)

200 ml

For test:

  • 1, 5-2 glasses (when the testo takes) flour
  • 0, 5 glasses of water
  • 1st bed of vegetable oil
  • Soli chip ( taste )

For fixing:

  • 200 g wet Chevy (approximately 100 g dry)
  • 200 g cabbage white (or pecan )
  • 4-5 g dry sea cabbage
  • salt
  • black peppers, taste specifics.
  • a little vegetable for jewelry (midor, sweet pepper)

Recipe for Chinese Post Offices:

  1. We're asking for a pot, adding vegetable oil and water, mixing elast testo with softer than a pellet. We put it in the food film and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.


  2. The sea cabbage is weeping and we're pouring two beds. The white cabbage is a tire so it's easier to swim.

    Sea and white cabbage

  3. We're smashing the cabbage and stunned cheeks in a combian or a blender. It's convenient to me to swim separately, one half white. Sea cabbage Caleb, and the other half with the Chechen.

    Let's cut the cheek and cabbage.

  4. We're doing a good start for the vents, connecting all the components, embroidering and doing well. The furch must be wet, if necessary, to add some water or soy sauce instead of salt.


  5. We'll cut the testo, we'll cut out the mugs if we need to roll up a little bit, and those mugs. We're careful to put the caps on the surface of the flour so they don't get caught.

    Cut the test.

  6. In the middle of each circle, we put on one, five tea spoons, lift the edges, and start collecting the edge of the carpet. We're pulling the edges up a little and forming an open bag.
  7. We'll put a little bit of corned vegetables on top, I have tomatoes and red peppers.
  8. We're gonna make a few 10 to 15 minutes with a lot of water.
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