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сыроедные-пирожныеFor the first May's holidays, I've been buying my friends with beverages on a new and completely inconceivable prescription! To make them, you'll have to work a little hard, but the result is worth it! And I don't think you're gonna try this dessert somewhere else, hoping only for your own hands and the kitchen.


  • Cheap - 2 medium roots
  • Grey nuts are half a glass.
  • Phoenica - 17-20 grand
  • Careb is two beds.
  • Cocoa - 2 stacks.
  • Cocoa-mass, two beds.
  • Tubile arrow
  • Peppers, berries and a coconut for jewelry


  • Clean the bee, wipe it out in the blender (or with the terrace), put it in the marble and burn the juice. Don't spill the juice, it's delicious and useful! You can drink it like that, and you can add it to carrots, apples and other juices. I've got the beetle jam, put it in the deep bow.
  • Go to the blender of nuts, add to the bee.
  • Smash the finicks and the Greeks to the state of the oven and to the bowl! Physicians recommend that we take the soft, Caspian class, don't forget to clean them up first and get the bone out.
  • Add the karob and cocoa to the top.
  • Get a third of vanilla's belt on the small tread, put it in the bow.
  • Cover a little bite of cocoa oil and put it on a dehydrater at a temperature of 40 degrees. Get out and rewrite the testo until it's uniform. You might have to do this with your hands:
  • Put the test on the pergament sheets with a rectangle of 2-3 cm thickness, cut the knife to the cakes and send a couple hours to the dehydrate, dry!

We've finished working on our own, now we've got a creative, decorated part! I wore pie cheesecake chocolate (smuggling cocoa powder and dishesed cocoa oil) and added top-down rubber chips, coconuts and long-distant berries. The cakes were full, celebrating and delicious! And you don't know what it's like to have a beetle and a wreath.

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