Soup Recepts

Грибной суп из шампиньонов

Welding soup is the main component of the traditional Russian lunch. Frequently, soups are prepared in non-vegetarian (mouth, chicken, fish) bulons. This raises the question: What do you want to make a vegetarian for lunch?
Vegetarian soup receptors There is a lot, and today we will offer you a few ways to make a delicious soup on a mushroom bulon.

The mushroom soup is a dish that almost everyone knows from childhood. However, there are many prescriptions for mushroom soups, and according to habits, everyone has different views on how to cook mushroom soup. The simplest way is to add a few fresh or dry and pre-cooled mushrooms to the conventional vegetable pool. But the original such a mushroom soup doesn't say it's too good to taste a combination of mushrooms, potatoes and fries from the bow and carrots.
It's much more interesting, for example, to make a cliff or a burglar, make a milk soup with mushrooms or a mushroom saint.

Dairy soup with mushrooms

You'll need to prepare:

Fresh mushrooms - 300 g or dry - 30 g
The beam is 1st.
Carrots 1st.
Potatoes are two.
Small soup paste (e.g. star or short cap) - 40 g
Milk - 0, 5 l
Dilution oil
The salt, the pepper, the laurel, any specials on your discretion.

If you're using dry mushrooms, you're gonna freeze them for a few hours, you're gonna spit water. Put the mushrooms on fresh water and put them on fire. Clean the potato, slice the cubes and add to the mushrooms. The beam and the carrots pass to the golden color on the vegetable oil and add it to the boulon in 10 minutes after the boiling. I'll give you a few minutes, then put the milk in. Push the soup about 15-20 minutes on a slow light under the roof, then, shortly before ready (depending on the time of the packing paste), put the small shepherd in, Ambassador and send the spices.

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