Silent Pudding “Sebra”

Режем их на небольшие кусочки

Very beautiful and delicious milk pudding. It's very simple, it takes a minimum of food, and it looks efficient and celebrating!

Driving Zebra


300 ml

  • 2 glasses of milk
  • 1/2 sugar
  • 3 beds with a bit of flour
  • 2 beds without a pot of cocoa-poor (may be replaced by kerob)
  • vaniline (at end of tea spoon)
  • 1st bed of cream oil
  • Piece of Kernels (All)

How to make milk pudding

  1. Smash flour and sugar in the pot, gradually add milk and smash.

    Light mixture

  2. Shoot. Bring it to boiling, always laughing. It's better to hang out with a vein, so the mixture's a little bit bumpy and it's a little airier.

    Varym milk pudding

  3. Share the mixture into two approximately equal parts (half to the other pot). In one part, add vaniline, and in the other, cocoa (if you wish to add more sugar in the cocoa part).

    Dairy and chocolate mixture

  4. Both mixtures will be put back on fire and wed a little bit before we stunned by a vent. When it's ready, get off the fire and get a little cold. It's fast.
  5. Prepare glasses and brush nuts.
  6. Put both mixtures in layers, worm white and chocolate and shine each layer.

    We're making a run for Zebra.

  7. Upstairs of milk pudding, too, can be shredded with chocolate, etc.

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