Puri Is Indian Fever

Шоколадно-гречневая гранола

Another kind of Indian bread is Puri. Unlike the chapati, they're fried with a lot of oil, so they probably don't fit for daily consumption. But they're so delicious, and they're so excited that they should be cooked.


  • 2 glasses of wheat flour
  • 1/2 glass of water
  • 1/2 layers
  • 2 beds of sunflower or thick oil.
  • sunflower or thick oil for fryure

Preparing Indian Puris:

  1. Into the flour, add salt and oil and wipe.
  2. Slowly pour water, laughing till all the flour glued.
  3. Smash your hands with oil and smash the testo five minutes to make it homogeneous.
  4. Cover the test with a film or a towel and leave it for half an hour.
  5. Make a four-six-six-six-six-size balloon test and roll them into thin lemons.
  6. In a thick pot or pancreas, heat oil and put one cap or more (if close). The oil should cover them.
  7. Now the pures start to blow up and get sniffed, you can drown them.
  8. In a few seconds, turn them on the other side and roast a few more seconds to the golden brown color.

    Pouries are fried in friture.

  9. Put it on napkins or paper towels.
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