Potatoes With Cheese

Картофельные котлеты с

These potato scabs are prepared with no eggs, with an incineration from the Adygie cheese and greens. They're getting very good, they're gentle, and they're really great.


  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • 1 glass (250 ml) flour
  • 300 g of AD
  • Piece of rabbit
  • salt
  • vegetable oil for fire


  1. Cleaned potatoes shall be welded and watered (or welded in a ferry).

    Welded potatoes

  2. As long as it's hot, you're gonna have to get a little bit of a corn.
  3. Ambassador, add the hen and mix.
  4. Bite the flour and make a good laugh.

    Potato pounds for the preparation of

  5. As long as the potato furnace rests, make a fix. That's why you're gonna have to wipe the Adyna cheese on a big terrace.

    Lower cheese

  6. Ambassador, if the cheese isn't salty enough.
  7. Add petty green and spices. Switch.

    Cheese brushing

  8. It's nice to put a table of flour, take a bit of depressed potato oven and put your fingers on the table.
  9. Just do the second.
  10. One lemon should be put on a fix (approximately 1 bed).
  11. Cover the second flap and squeeze a little bit of edge. Get in your hand and form a line. Put him a little flour and spit.
  12. Live in a small amount of oil on an average fire from two sides to the gold brown.

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