Potatoes And Potatoes

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Vegetarian vegetables

contains a onion.
containing cheese

Remember that last time we cooked potato bars with cranberry sauce, everyone smashed that it was, like, a hot potato, and she's known to be incomprehensible with a thin waist, uh, oh, how pathetic was that?

So... So that we, the champions of the perfect figure, with a calm conscience, take out the forbidden fruits, prepare ourselves a dwarf-light from the cables and potatoes. And as soon as we have a small, delicate voice from the depths of our internal affairs, I will begin my sermon about the ban on the fry potatoes, we're in the middle of "the most dietical fighters in the world!" The magic word " dietary " is irrevocable, within the back of calm, can go to the kitchen...

  • 2 medium potatoes;
  • 1 small cabbage;
  • 1 small bulb;
  • 1 St. L. Manna crup;
  • 2 pieces of cereal;
  • 3 St. flour;
  • 50 grams of solid cheese;
  • 2 hours of vegetable oil;
  • It tastes like salt.

We're talking drama, we're saying we have to lose. We're gonna use a big or small terrace, cheese, bulb and potatoes.
Squeeze all the rubbish and dry the liquid. Now we add manku, flour and oatmeal cereal, which is predisposed between our fingers. We're all laughing, and if there's any other fluid coming up again, we'll slide it.

We're putting in a mixture for future fighters 1 tea spoon of vegetable oil, salt, and for the last time we interfere.
The best thing for the booth and potato breeze is an anti-price pan. We put the rest of the tea spoon on it, we warm up and lay a spoon on the vegetable mass, a little bit primitive on the top to make it look like a pancake.
Garyma's sweets for a long time, until the plainly brushing crust. And then we turn around.
Turn on patience to the maximum and keep the fighter stove until we get all of them. Nothing, we're not the first. But then we're pretty diettic fighters on the plate, stealing fresh green and forward! Enjoy!
P.S. Aren't you tempted by battlings and potatoes? You're a stunned soldier, and you're gonna be eating a beetle until you get in your favorite jeans? Well, then, see how it's right to put a bee in a pot, a steamer, a cartoon, or a microwave.

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