Italian Vegetable Soup

Вегетарианские супы

contains a onion.
containing cheese

The fact that this vegetarian soup is a achievement, I don't doubt it for a second. One of the most delicious and most favorite vegetable soups in the world, no matter how. We'll get together and we'll go to the world masterpiece of cooking...

  • 1, 5 litres of vegetable bullet;
  • 2 small bulbs;
  • 1 medium carrots;
  • 700 grams of ripe tomatoes;
  • 1 sweet green pepper belt;
  • 400 grams of canned white beans;
  • 220 grams of macaron-racuses;
  • 100 grams of solid cheese;
  • 2 vegetation oil;
  • 4 St. Balsamic (for extreme, wine) vinegar;
  • The salt and the black pepper taste.

If we suddenly forgot to prep the vegetable bulon, it's not a problem. He'll be fine as long as we prepare the rest. There's a way to see how to make a vegetable boulon.

And I've been using the vegetation bologna for a long time, and I've been using the super-mix of the Vegetable Frozen residues to make a fresh one, and I don't eat the rabbit sticks and the hammers, the garlic arrows, the cuts of tomatoes, the cubacocks and pumpkins.

As long as the boulon's up, we'll have vegetables. We'll cut a little onion... a big trek, we'll have a carrots. And the sweet peppers will be cleaned from the heart and smashed with little cubes.

In the pantry, we warm up vegetable oil and we fry all the vegetables just cut for five minutes.

If you irritate tomato skins in the soup, you're going to have to purify the tomatoes first, cut every cross, put half a minute in the boiling water, and then remove the skin. Those who make a fuss, including tomato skins, are lucky enough to bleach tomatoes and send them to hot vegetables.

Done! We leave a gas station for a vegetable soup on the fire for 5-7 minutes.

In that time, we'll be able to wipe the cheese on the terrace, open a can of beans and warm up a vegetable bulon if it was premeditated by some miracle. No, that's how we'll be able to heal the freshman, you'll think.

We'll put in the tumor, put it all up to the boiling and put it in the future soup of the Iraqi macaroni and beans from the bank. Now our vegetable soup needs ten minutes to chew.

Finally, we add to the soup Oxus and therth cheese, and we'll get it to the boiling hands for the last time. Solim, first, we're gonna have a cut green and we're getting ready for Italian lunch. I don't know how you're gonna cook, and I'm gonna study the phrase "good appetite" in Italian. Buon appetito!

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