It's A Bitter Mimicry, Or What Pumpkin Seeds Can Do

беспроводная зарядка ikea

Вкусовая мимикрия, или на что способны тыквенные семечки. Рецепт котлет (raw)Actually, these cottages were conceived as carrots. But to call them that, the hand won't rise, because apart from the carrots I love, they also have pumpkin seeds, and that's what they do. Pumpy seeds are an interesting companion, combining them with different vegetables, and you never know what's going to end up... In a carrots alliance, for example, the seeds give a strong taste of coping, and it's only a plus. The co-signers of my blog who tested this recipe, as the associations did not share, both the tuna salad and the corn cottage, and the fountain. In short, pumpkin sunglasses are very mysterious and ambiguous... But the more interesting)

For the preparation of 8 cathlets, we reserve:

2, 5 glasses of pumpkin seed

Two large carrots (15-18 cm long and 5-6 cm in base)

The beetle of any green

A garlic pussy.

All rights (grunt-sun/Korinandr/mold pepper...)

I recommend we washing first, then drying in a dehydrater if it's in the kitchen, or on a battery, pre-deposing it to some pan. Although the second way will certainly take more time. Already dried seeds are refilled in the blender or passes through the medium cut. Oops, danger: some meat cuts are hard to burn any dry oily products like seeds, I almost lost my life... So if you're using a meat cut, you're gonna load up a few pieces and be careful.

But it's the most convenient thing to smash the carrots on a medium-sized meat cut, it's a small size. If the carrots are very juicy, then it's better to get overwhelmed and squeeze juice a little bit, so instead of a cattle, don't you get a testo of dubious limo? ♪ ”

In the deep mice, we mix carrots with two (!) glasses of pumpkin flour, spices, garlic, salt, and small-small greens cut (patre/screw/what caught in the hand) carefully rammed (the point is to do it in gloves, unless you're a stunning carrot manicure fan). The mass is quite tasty, remember the children's plumbing from the plate, and go! The remaining half-staff of pumpkin flour is needed for falling. My taste for such dense cottages is certainly a sauce, and certainly a vegetable. Like a traditional tomato-fucking snack. Or you can harbour them with a clip of juicy vegetables.

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