House Chocolates Without Sugar

Рецепт полезного и вкусного

Tasty and useful chocolates without sugar in the home.

These chocolate candys are prepared very simple, fast, and they get amazingly delicious. They don't have sugar, but they're sweet. The sweetness gives the caro, it tastes like cocoa, only sweet, and no harmful substances that are in the cocoa. It has a lot of useful vitamins and micronutrients, for example, more calcium in the kerob than milk.

I'm cooking candy and chocolate banana dessert. It tastes like chocolate with a banana-cream fix, very juicy and tender. Tae in the mouth...

House chocolates


  • 100 g cocoa oil
  • 50-60 g Cerb of light (primary) or dark (green)
  • 50 g dry milk
  • My favourite nuts, snitch, coconut, dry-fructs...
  • 1 banana (most but hard) for dessert

The general principle of cocoa chocolate is 1:1, the ratio of cocoa oil to dry ingredients is 1:1.

If you like bitter chocolate, you can make candy without dry milk. But then the caroba will need to be stacked not by 1:1 with cocoa butter, but less, because it gives a viscosity. Cheese, or light kerb, sweeter and more gentle, hot, bitter. Chocolate's gonna work with any carob, it's just gonna taste good.

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