Hot Soup

Паста для вегетарианцев

Despite the fact that soup is being prepared very easily, he'll welcome you to an exquisite aromat and fit into a vegan or poster menu.

This soup is one of their peas soup varieties. However, adding to it not only the fried but also the fragmented specialties give the soup an interesting delicious bouquet. The plumbing spices depends on the color of the furnace: in dark colour, the aromat is sharper, in light, gentle and not too sharp aromatic.


  • 900 m water
  • 2/3 of a glass of scattered conventional peas
  • 2 beds of vegetable oil (or non-post torso)
  • Specials: 0, 5 pupils of Kurkum, Tmin seeds (Kumina), coriandra seeds, black hammer (or pepper mixture, or acute Kayen peppers)
  • 2 o'clock of fresh ginger
  • 1 hour dry green pears or kins (or 1 bed fresh)
  • approximately 1 hour salt spoon (or taste)

How to make a potato soup:

  1. Measure the number of peas required.

    Dry peas

  2. To wash it under the running water several times before the water becomes transparent, and to wash it in a separate capacity for a minimum of 5 hours or a night before preparation. After the pre-closure, the peas will be about twice as large.

    Horows after grinding

  3. Put a soup pot on fire.
  4. Smell the water from the peas and wash it.
  5. In the boiled water, put peas, chicken and some (approximately 0, 5 st. l.) oil. By laughing from time to time so that the peas don't stick to the bottom, bring water to boiling on a strong fire. Then put the fire down and, on the roof, bark until the peas are fully prepared. If you want to make a soup a more homogeneous consistance, you can beat him up with a vein, a mixer or a blender.

    Preparing the peas soup

  6. Prepare the necessary specifications.

    Soup techniques

  7. About 5 minutes before the end of the veal in the drip with the thick skin, roast without oil on the small flames of the coriandra seeds and the tmin until warming.

    Buried spices

  8. Hot roast seeds to smash the stairs.

    Broken seeds of coriandra and tmin

  9. In the pan, heat the remaining butter and put a petty ginger (or cut) and in 30 seconds a hammer. Add glued fried fire spices and mix well.

    Burning ginger

  10. The contents of the pancreas, salt and dry green add to the potato soup.

    Soup is almost ready.

  11. Cross and turn off the fire. Put the soup under a closed roof for two minutes so he can drink with a spice scent.

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