Тушеная фасоль с овощами

Today, we have a post recipe, a pile of beans, very good, very good, useful, light in preparation and demanding minimum food. Such a pashette would be great for sandwiches or for snacks.


  • 1 cup (250 ml) dry beans
  • 1 hour spoon (without pot) salt
  • 1 hour sugar
  • 1st lemon juice spoon
  • 1/2 puffs of cooked mustard
  • 2 beds of vegetable oil (olive oil or other)

Preparing a pause from beans:

  1. Bean's best to pour water tonight and leave it for the night's booth. (For this dish, I like white more, and from red, I make lobby.)

    Fat beans

  2. The next day washing, pouring cold water (to bury a little bit) and screaming (boths scream faster in a small amount of water, just pour cold water as they drip.
  3. It's soft, and then we're gonna have to clean up the whole cook, but we're not gonna need it, because we're gonna need it. By the way, if welded beans are towed in tomato sauce, it's going to be a really good poster!

    Welded pistol

  4. The bean is to blend the blender to homogeneity or to recharge through the meat cut.

    Bean pound

  5. Add salt, sugar, butter (better any useful, non-refined), spices, lemon juice and potter. Switch.

    Preparing of postal beans

  6. Add a little (20 ml) of the beef (which you left) so that the pasht becomes more delicate and re-interfer.
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