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А вы уже озаботились вопросом

It's a simple recipe for ice cream larvae at home:

We haven't been buying anything for years. Of all the ice cream options that cooked, this is the simplest and most favorite.

There's a lot of ice cream recipes in the home, with a jumble, creativity, but the simplest, really, out of cream, and it's like a real rombie.

It's important to prepare the plumbing, as Elena writes, to take quality creams, because they have to get well, their fatty depends on ice cream fatty and ice cream in it (more fat, less ice).


  • 500-600 gre of cream for beating (percentage of 30%)
  • 100 greas of sugar (or small sugar)
  • Vanilin cheek
  1. We put cool cream in deep dishes, sugar powder and a little vanilin. We'll call a four-five-minute foam.
  2. The mixture is placed in a plastic container.
  3. We're going to the freezer for the night.
  4. Let's get a ready-to-be, get him a little lazy, and you can put it in the cream.

Such a plombie can be made in different ways, with the addition of cocoa (coa) and ice cream, especially delicious with chimney (only the berries need to be prypted by a blender, and then added to the platoon and swing again). It is also possible to make ice cream with brown guru sugar.

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