чечевицей и сельдереем

Celery Selery is a vegetable garrier from Dukan's diet. Bunny with dizzy rice, Greek, bob kittens. It's very fast. Recept sent Elena Lebed.

As you must know, selery is often used to degrade, because it's not only useful, but also small-calorian. All those who follow the figure, I suggest you take this recipe for notice. There's a lot less calorie in the fever selery than in the hot potato. So, if you refuse to wear a hot potato, try to replace it with this useful root if you like it:


Number of products per 2

  • 200 g purified root tree
  • 1 bed of ghee oil (or vegetable oil) for heat
  • salt

How to cook fried selery:

  1. The root of the selery shall be cleaned and cut at random, but not too large to be prepared faster. For example, bruises (or thin pultics).
  2. In the pantry, warm the oil and put the selery. Fire on average until about 7 minutes.
  3. At the end of the preparation, add the tastes.

Selery's ready! It can be served as a separate dish, but it's delicious as a garrier to rice, Greek or cattle.

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