Bulgur Fruit

- photo and video recipe
Вегетарианские и веганские

Since I was a kid, I've been used to different kinds of birds from rice. And just recently, I found that you could make a very delicious bungure. In Tashkent, I never tried that. vegetarian tinI don't remember if there was a bungo. I didn't see him there for the first time in Russia.

It tastes like bungure plums. I liked it, try it, too.

Injectors for ptin

  • Luk - 1 grand (100 g)
  • Carrots - 1 grand (250 g)
  • Cable - 1 grand (250 g)
  • One glass.
  • Hot water, about two, five.
  • Spray oil is 50 ml.


  • zira - 0, 5 tea spoons,
  • Corinander - 0, 5 tea spoons,
  • The jacket is a cheek,
  • Acute red pepper, hammer, cheek,
  • Barbaris's dry berries or raisins are about two table spoons.
  • The salt is two tea spoons of a large sea salt without a pot.

How to make bungure-- recipe.

We've got a ready-made swimsuit, and we're gonna get some fresh green. It's the best thing with the swimming is a green kins, but you can add any other taste. This time, I put pawns and rabbits on my swimsuit 'cause I didn't have any kins. The green beam would be very nice, too.

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