What Do You Replace Eggs For Vegetarian Prescriptions?

Готовые чебуреки выкладываем

Чем заменить яйцаSometimes you find a new interesting recipe, and they're all with eggs. In principle, if it's about one egg, it's not just a stack, it's not a big deal, it's often done without it, but what if eggs 2 and more?

There are several ways. replacement of eggs in test, booze and other meals♪ But to understand It's better to replace eggs. Total each prescription. We need to understand the role of eggs in each case.

Egg function in prescriptions

  1. The connecting function is the eggs connect ingredients, prevent them from falling apart.
  2. The rupture function is that the testo is not dense, better fit.
  3. The injection function is heating hotness.
  4. The taste and texture - when eggs are not hidden in the product but are an integral part of the product.

Replacement options

Now, options for how to replace each of the egg functions.

Linking function

In order to better connect all the ingredients of the test, the fixings, the headlamp can be used (the proportions are given to replace the 1st egg in the prescription):

  • The lung seed, one bed of hammer seed, is dried up with two beds of hot water (kimble) and a good bleed. The mixture can be added to the testo after it clots. This recipe is good for cottage, lepes, muffins and cupcakes with a heavy test. The lung seed is a little extinguishing the air of the test. You don't have to put it in the boiling of thin pancakes. They're gonna start getting really attached to the pan.
  • 1 stack of potato chips + 1 stack of spoons (or vegetable oil) + 1 stack of water can be used both in the dry-clean test and in other dishes - cheese, cottages, pies. Such a mixture does not affect the " publicity " of the test, which means that it does not improve or worsen the result.
  • Pure of the 1st small banana is naturally suitable for sweet dishes - cheese, pancakes, cakes, cupcakes - the testo may not become so pussy, but if the banana tries well into a blender with the liquid content of the test, this effect can be nivelized, and even for some prescriptions, the testo will become more pusy.
  • A few spoons of fast-tracking, well-prepared, her glue structure is very appropriate to make vegetarian cottages, corroborate, or other salted dishes.
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